Upper Burrell Road Department

The Upper Burrell Township Road Department is made up of three full-time employees and one part-time employee.  They are responsible for approximately 25 miles of Township roads. The Road department is under the supervision of Road Foreman Pete Dombroski. The priorities of this department are dependent upon the seasons. At all times, public safety is our first concern.

During springtime the Road Department is responsible for the Township’s annual spring cleanup and spends their time on repairing the damages to the roadway from the winter’s freeze and thaw cycles. This means that a lot of time is spent on road maintenance and pothole repairs.

The summer months present the opportunity for project preparation. The crews still spend time on road maintenance as well as mowing and trimming.

With the onset of the fall season we continue to patch the roads. The focus also shifts to culvert cleaning and replacement as needed.

When winter rolls around the majority of our time is spent on snow removal and applications of anti-skid. During this time of the year our crew is responsible for an additional 25 miles of PENNDOT owned roadways.

In addition to the seasonal duties, the road department is responsible year round for vehicle maintenance. They maintain their own fleet of trucks and equipment, as well as, the fleet of Upper Burrell Police vehicles.

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