Board & Administration

Please note that all meetings are held at the Township Building located at 3735 Seventh Street Road, New Kensington, unless otherwise published. Minutes can be viewed by clicking on the headline of each board or commission.

Upper Burrell Township Board of Supervisors
Meetings - the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

  • Ross G. Walker, III, Chairman
  • Michael P. Conley., Vice-Chairman
  • Kenneth R. Slahtovsky, Supervisor

View minutes of Supervisor's Meetings

Planning Commission
Meetings - the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.
Please Note: meetings will only be held if a request has been made to be placed on the agenda. They will only meet if there is business to discuss.

  • Thomas O’Brien, Chairman
  • George Richard, Secretary
  • Rick Ryan
  • Chester Lockwood
  • Dennis Matto

View minutes of Planning Commission Meetings

Zoning Hearing Board
Hearings are scheduled as needed.

  • Maxine Gregg
  • Dan Myers
  • Peter Raspanti
  • Harlan Stone, Esquire
  • Paul Schwann

Board of Auditors

  • Jodi Conley
  • Cari Armstrong

Emergency Management Coordinator

  • Dave Knox

Tax Collector

  • Melissa Baronie

Township Solicitor

  • Stephen Yakopec, Esquire

Township Engineer

  • Bankson Engineers, Michael Moore

Vacancy Board Member

  • Pete Dombroski


  • Melissa Cortileso

Public Works

  • Peter Dombroski, Road Foreman
  • Mike Conley, Roadmaster
  • Ken Slahtovsky, Roadmaster

Public Safety

  • Kenneth Pate, Chief

UCC Appeal Board

  • David Knox
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